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Meet the Founder

Hi, my name is Kristen! I am from Hong Kong and am a huge advocate for increasing access children have to a quality education.

Currently, 11% of primary school aged children and 20% of lower secondary aged children are not in school(UNICEF). In school, children accumulate skills for lifelong learning. Without a quality education, children face huge barriers trying to find employment later in life and leave children unprepared to be active citizens of their communities.


With the disruption COVID-19 has caused to education systems worldwide, digital learning has become essential to preparing children for their future. However, in areas with limited access to online educational tools, students struggle to stay in school. Because of this, I am determined to help these students get the educational tools they need for a brighter future!



Kristen Yee


My Background

One of the biggest ways I feel I have used my leadership positively to improve access to education, specifically in Uganda, includes my involvement with the Nyaka Organization. During my sophomore year of highschool, I co-founded a “Friends of Nyaka Club.” With the tremendous support of my faculty leaders, the club hosted donor breakfasts, documentary screenings, student hikes and bake sales. This not only helped raise awareness of the Nyaka Organization at HKIS, but also helped raise enough money to send 9 Ugandan orphans to school for an entire year. Through these events, we were also able to collect 30 boxes full of donated goods to bring to Nyaka when we visited during my sophomore year Interim trip. The biggest takeaway I had from my experience with Nyaka is that with compassion, empathy, positivity and drive, we can connect with each other and make a difference.

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